Your child will get the opportunity to create his/her own unique color palette to work with.
We will be mixing colors made from natural clay and rock pigments as prehistoric people did. For simplicity and for age appropriateness, we will mix watercolor, tempera, and pastel colors, and non-toxic oil paint. To implement some colors that are not always found in rock pigments, we will use soy paint.

Your child will work on 100% environmentally-friendly papers & canvases manufactured by companies using wind or solar energy powered factories.
Our canvas boards are also produced by green energy, and are made of cotton or hemp fabric.
All our art materials are green and non-toxic.

Personal Creativity & Story Telling: ALE 's most important steps are to encourage your child's personal creativity above all skills.
As your child progresses at his/her own pace, we’ll start to explore light and shadow on his/her drawings, then eventually perspective and dimension. After your child is secure in his/her own individual creativity, we can start working on technical skills to deepen his/her artwork while helping each child develop his/her own unique and creative style. All this will be accomplished through painting, drawing, poetry and French.


Drawing, Painting, Animation, & French

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Some of What Your Child Will Get From ALE

Your child will get all instruction in French and in English simultaneously. Because this is an art class as well, it is important that each child feels free to communicate with us comfortably.

Your Child's self-determination: your child will be encouraged to draw images from his/her own imagination at first. This is to encourage personal creativity and develop problem-solving skills through self-determination. This further will encourage self-esteem and self-acceptance.

We emphasize that your child approves his/her own work because the idea is that the arts is a personal expression and does not depend on what peers, parents or instructors think of it. No judgment here. We will describe artwork and notice the hard work a student puts in it and their goal.

Your child will tell us the stories behind her/his drawing or painting in French as we help him/her with words. Using English as well as French will eliminate frustration, so that your child will view the new language fun and challenging.


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Kids Art, French &
Animation Studio

Arts Love Expression is a children's
Fine Art, Animation, and French studio located in Santa Monica.

Sulkin/Secant Gallery
Children will have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a professional art gallery alongside the other professional galleries in Bergamot Arts Center.

Drop-In Art Studio
Drop off kids, Ages: 5 - 12:
Perfect for trying out a new class or for scheduling last-minute activities. Children can attend alone, especially encouraged if older than 5.

Make Up Policy:
All missed classes must be made up within the enrolled period, and scheduled 48 hours ahead of time.

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